• I want to separate a feeder from a cast iron product. What do I need to take into account?
    • Besides checking the accessibility of the foundry wedge between the casting and the feeder, also consider the casting material itself. With our experience we are happy to advise you and, if possible, we can organize a demonstration.
  • What must I take into account during wedging / operating?
    • During the wedge action, it is important that the central wedge can come out freely, in order to prevent damage to the tip of the wedge.

  • Which materials can I remove / wedge with a Holmatro foundry wedge?
    • Grey and nodular iron.
  • How many foundry wedges can I connect to my pump?
    • You can connect 1 foundry wedge to each pump.
  • What is the most important maintenance issue of my foundry wedge?
    • If the wedge blades and central wedge are cleaned and lubricated regularly the life span will be extended.
  • The wedge is leaking at the revolving mechanism or at the bracket (HFW 926). What could this be?
    • The leak is probably due to the safety feature. It leaks when the wedge is subjected to more than 300 Bar. This could be because the couplings are incorrectly connected or have broken loose.
    • Check that the couplings are correctly connected and replace the safety feature if necessary.

More FAQ's soon to come ...