Discover the complete pentheon series

unrestrained performance for your mission


Only the new Holmatro Pentheon Series Rescue equipment offers you the unrestrained performance,
unparalleled speed and ultimate control you have never experienced before.
And with battery management made easy, you are always rescue ready!

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  • Where all other rescue tools show a significant decrease in speed when switching to another stage to deal with the higher loads, Pentheon rescue tools stick to the ideal stepless speed curve
  • Biggest speed gain in the most commonly used working pressure range

Unparalleled speed EN.png

Ultimate control

two-mode control handle


  • Allows you to switch between the tool’s high-speed and low-speed modes at any time during the rescue operation
  • To keep maximum control over the fastest rescue tools ever!

Two mode control handle.png


easy battery management

on-tool charging


  • With Holmatro’s On-Tool Charging system you can charge the battery while it remains on the tool
  • Stop swapping batteries! It’s just a matter of “plugging it in”
  • Simply grab a tool from the rescue truck and walk away with it!

Battery made easy.png

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Holmatro Pentheon Cutters

pentheon cutters


  • Additional features
    • Inclined cutting
    • New car technology
    • I-Bolt
    • Optimized cutting edge

Holmatro Pentheon Spreaders

pentheon spreaders


  • Additional features
    • Extreme grip spreader tips

Holmatro Pentheon Rams

pentheon rams


  • Additional features
    • Smart ram extension
    • Integrated laser pointer
    • Double carrying handle
    • Cross ram support set

Holmatro Pentheon CombiTools

pentheon combi tools


  • Additional features
    • Unique grip teeth
    • Removable tips
    • I-Bolt

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